Time differences, language & culture barriers and lack of knowledge and travel expertise in Indonesia are just a few of the reasons for working with a reliable Destination Management Company in order to provide reliable traveling support for your guests.

Having a partner with experience and a proven track record in helping your guests in the visiting country assures travellers of a great holiday, resulting in a great image for your agency.


Vifa Holiday B2B

Vifa Holiday DMC Indonesia serves both international (United States of America, Europe and Asia) and Indonesian agencies with her services. The choice of the partnership is entirely up to our clients, providing us direct communications with the guests or via the agency and in case of an emergency we contact the guests directly.

Our services include secure ticketing services, transfers & accommodations, airport handling, tours and English speaking support. These can result in finding solutions for flight delays, receiving money from cancelled flights, being notified for missed connections and retrieving lost luggage, among others. In general we take care of your clients from entering the country until they depart safely. Interesting cases that have occurred can be read on the this link.

Please click on the following link for more information about our services.

Our services are divided into two packages, the basic package and full service package.


Basis Service Package

With the basic package the client enquires and after payment we issue the tickets and send these to the client. Our services end here, just like an online booking. The airline is informed about the client’s contact details. If the booked flights are changed or cancelled, the airline will contact the client directly (with domestic airlines this means mainly in Indonesian).


Full Service Package

The full service package provides complete support from enquiry until the client is back home. When we book the flights we provide the airlines our company phone number so we will be contacted instead of the client. In Indonesia flight changes happen quite often and even when phone numbers are available, airlines do not always share information on time. Because of this we have a special in house team monitoring all flights that we have booked.

We check the flight schedule 1 week prior to departure and again 4, 3, 2 and 1 day before departure. 24 hours before flight departure we always send an email to the client regardless the flight is still on schedule or changed. If flights are cancelled, which happens mostly within 48 hours before departure, we offer alternatives.

This might seem a bit over the top, but experience has taught us this is the best way to go. Once changes occur we inform the client and look for solutions in case connecting flights do not match anymore.


We also provide a 24/7 emergency phone number. If guests need immediate advice they can call us for help (English speaking support). If new tickets need to be issued, or hotels/transfers have to be booked, we will do so and trust the agent to pay afterwards. When clients encounter problems they are often not able to pay directly. We also assist of course with refunds when airlines cancel flights. If luggage is lost we chase this until retrieved. We do have people in most important airports, so if there are problems our guys can help out on the spot.


Payment can be made in IDR, USD or EUR, whatever is preferred. We also provide credit or debit payments for our agencies as this works perfectly for both parties. We can issue the tickets already and trust the agency to pay us afterwards or work with deposits.


Please contact us for an invoice example and/or account sheet example. These sheets will be updated on a monthly basis and sent to the agency to keep a clear overview of all bookings.


Our clients are international agencies and domestic travel agencies based in Indonesia with diverse specialities; diving, live-aboards, local travelling, group travels, unique wildlife, resorts and dive resorts.