Forest fires (natural causes)

We helped numerous of clients with the recent heavy forest fires in the northern part of Indonesia.

A diver was scheduled on a live-aboard leaving from Raja Ampat. While flying towards Timika to catch the connecting flight, the air plane was urged to fly to Jayapura in the North of West Papua. The haze made it unable for the air plane to land in Timika.

Arrived in Jayapura the diver was clueless how to get to Sorong, Raja Ampat in time from Jayapura and making sure the live-aboard would wait for his arrival. Vifa Holiday immediately contacted the live-aboard and arranged a delayed deadline in departure from the harbor at 6 pm. We informed the client and the travel agency and rapidly searched for possible flights as they would be booked at a fast pace. We found a good flight, issued the ticket and informed both diver, live-aboard and travel agency an update. The guest arrived in Raja Ampat at 5 pm and was able to enjoy his live-aboard cruise.

These services are included when booking tickets with the full service package.


Luggage stuck in Jakarta airport (lost luggage)

A German couple arrived at the airport in Denpasar, Bali but one of the luggage’s were still stuck on Jakarta airport, having waited at the airport for a while the couple panicked. Vifa Holiday contacted their network in Jakarta, passed the name of the passenger belonging the luggage to and retrieved the luggage by putting it on the next flight and delivering it safely at the guests’ hotel.


Arrived to late for the next connection (delayed)

A small group of 4 were delayed and would miss their next connection. Other flight options were almost completely booked and we managed to split the group into pairs of 2 to take a similar flight and arrive at their destination with only 15 minutes difference between them. Other options would them have arrive at their hotel around midnight.

Vifa Holiday likes to think in practical solutions when problems occur.


Liveaboard sunk with all belongings (emergency)

While an American couple were sailing on a beautiful dive live-aboard the boat slowly began to sink. Fortunately everybody got into the safety boat without any physical harm but the belongings went under together with the liveaboard. The two guests who booked with an American agency used our services and making us responsible for their travelings in Indonesia.

The insurance company would cover all their lost belongings but before all that paperwork needed to be taken care off they were still in Indonesia and needed to get back. We provided immediate arrangements for our guests to get them back safely to international airport in Jakarta and gave allowance as they lost their credit cards and money together with the belongings. We updated the American travel agency, there midnight, and took care of the entire situation on the spot. The American couple even booked a live-aboard holiday a day later with the same agency.

A dive live-aboard can stand for a beautiful holiday, sailing around the tropical archipelago. The majority of the boats are well built and maintained but it is unfortunately always an option that a live-aboard can sink. In total we have helped guests for an international travel agency who encountered a sunken live-aboard.


Family reasons made holiday been cancelled halfway (emergency)

While a couple were sailing halfway through Komodo, family matters from back urged the couple to cancel the rest of the holiday and return immediately.

This is of course not that easy when you are sailing on a live-aboard in the middle of the sea. We coordinated thanks to the coordination’s of the live-aboard a smaller boat to arrange a pick up of the guests from the live-aboard at around 6 am in the morning (as in the middle of the night would be too dangerous). Then we brought the couple via a transfer over sea to the airport and flew them back to the United Kingdom. As their minds were already occupied with private reasons and the travel agency needed hands on action we provided the necessary support by locating, coordinating and arranging a fast and safe return of the two guests.


Case for Dive Resort

As resorts are mainly busy and occupied with their main business, running a dive resort can become stressful enough on its own but to arrange all domestic travels for every single guest, especially with the unstable and unreliable air traveling in Indonesia can become a headache.

We function from intermediary services to providing full service support in most cases. Locating the best transfers and making sure the flights are connecting, best price and most convenient for both guest as resort transfers.