Company Profile

Vifa Holiday DMC Indonesia

Company Registration

PT Vifa Mandiri Pratama


B2B partnerships, ground handling, secure ticketing services, transfers & accommodations, airport handling, tours & English speaking travel support


English, Indonesian, Dutch


30 employees (Western & Indonesian mix) and more than dozens in the field



Main Office

Makassar, South Sulawesi (central Indonesia)


Corporate (international & domestic), international travel agencies, (dive) live-aboards, (dive) resorts, direct domestic consumers

Payment Methods

Bank transfer, on credit or debit, Paypal


Asita; reg. code 023/DPD-Asita-S.S/III/10, Iata (in progress)


Vifa Holiday DMC Indonesia is strategically based in the center of Indonesia, Makassar, South Sulawesi. Ms. Krisin found the tour & travel company in 2005 which was named after the first two letters of her children Vira and Farel: Vi, Fa.

After sailing around Indonesia on his dive live-aboard for 4,5 years, the Dutchman Paul Fransz joined Vifa Holiday and it grew into a complete travel support company called Vifa Holiday DMC Indonesia. Vifa Holiday now has over 30 Western and Indonesian office staff and dozens in the field. We provide professional English speaking support to international clients all over the world.

Vifa Holiday is an official partner of all domestic airline companies and provides travel arrangements including tickets, transfers, airport handling, accommodation, dive travel support and tour packages throughout Indonesia.

Vifa Holiday serves the domestic market, but the main focus is on foreign tourists and divers visiting Indonesia and the corporate industry. We have an extensive international client base, ranging from international travel agencies, Indonesia based (dive) live-aboards and (dive) resorts and corporate industries.

Vifa Holiday DMC Indonesia

Our new office in Makassar