Indonesia, the archipelago with over 17.000 islands is immense popular among tourists. Whereas the flourishing tourist industry first was mainly aimed at Bali it has now spread to whole Indonesia. South Sulawesi with the traditional culture in Tana Toraja is becoming one of the highlights of Indonesia.

Also dive trips to Komodo and Raja Ampat are popular like never before. The friendly, welcoming culture of the Indonesian population is making sure tourists want to revisit this beautiful heart warming country. Don’t forget that Indonesia has around 250 inhabitants with many different cultures to let tourists much to discover. Indonesia stands for a beautiful relaxed, carefree holiday.

And it is our job to keep it that way. Unfortunately because of the relaxed attitude flight delays, cancellations, no-showings, lost luggage are not uncommon. Also is the English language not one everyone commands which can make the visiting locations fun but the travelling itself frustrating.

We provide professional travel support for travelling in Indonesia for divers and non-divers, aimed at (dive) live-aboards, (dive) resorts, trekking’s, cycling holidays, wildlife and photography and more.

Having know that there is a reliable Destination Management Company in Indonesia who is there assist your clients brings an ease to mind, especially with the time differences taken into consideration.



Indonesia knows over 50 successful and reliable live-aboards providing dive sails throughout Indonesia. The most common dive sites are located east of Bali. Everything to the west is more aimed on surf spots. Bali, Komodo, Alor, Ambon, Triton Bay, Raja Ampat, Lembeh, Bunaken, Togian Islands and Wakatobi are the most popular ones at the moment.

Diving is highly influenced by the countries two seasons: dry season or raining season, causing a change in the direction of the wind. From April until November Bali, Alor and Komodo are very popular but from November until March a shift is going towards Raja Ampat. Special transition trips are then scheduled by most live-aboards with a stop over at Ambon. We provide domestic flights for your guests to most convenient hop on and hop off locations. Transfers in 99% of the cases provided by the live-aboards themselves but in case of emergency we step in as an intermediair and negotiate for a hold on the departure of the live-aboard and provide immediate solutions for the guests to arrive with as little as delay as possible. Read the live-aboard delay story by clicking here.



Dive resorts are easier as they are fixed on one location and when there is a delay the dive resorts doesn’t need to depart from the harbor. Dive resorts are in the general rule cheaper to rent but provide a less unique experience. Also there is larger change of what is called ‘traffic diving’. Meaning on that strip of beach there are many dive resorts located and they all want to bring their diver clients to the same diving spots. If you’re divers are first-time divers and want to get their divers certificate (Naui, Padi or SSI or a local one – not advised), then keep in mind to do a health check at their own doctor. As some dive resorts / centers are quite strict when guests have a passed with asthma (for example). A doctors note is then required which could turn into a time consuming and expensive hassle to retrieve. Worst case scenario, they Indonesian doctors don’t want to provide a doctors’ note because it could be too risky to be responsible for foreign tourist. Our advice to prevent this is to have a check before going on a dive holiday.



Indonesia service as a perfect holiday location for a wide variation of tours, ranging from dive and snorkel location to mountain and volcano hiking and cycling tours, city trips including market visiting or the immense popular biological local cooking lessons. Vifa Holiday started as an agency providing tours and transfer specialized in South Sulawesi and has now grown to provide pre-made and custom tours throughout whole Indonesia. These tours are only available as a resell to international travel agencies or directly to the domestic clients.



Vifa Holiday brings its clients to the preferred or necessary accommodation, whether it is transfer hotel like FM7 or Sheridon near Jakarta airport or a dive resort on a tropical island, we provide the solution.