B2B partnerships

Vifa Holiday has established many trustworthy relationships with her clients creating efficiency in work and billing methods. Every partner gets his or her own account to assist with booking, holding and issuing flights and providing the necessary support service. Many clients have been with Vifa Holiday since the start in 2005 and come from all over the world. Our largest client markets are in Europe and Asia and we are now expanding to the United States of America.

Specialized in Indonesia

Based in the central location of Indonesia, Makassar, South Sulawesi gives Vifa Holiday DMC Indonesia great easiness in traveling around the archipelago. Before the Dutchman Paul Fransz joined the company in 2007, he sailed around the Indonesian islands for 4,5 years learning the ins and outs of diving & traveling in this tropical archipelago. Vifa Holiday keeps in close contact with all her products to stay up to date with the latest changes.

Think Global Act Local

We would like to further encourage development by broaden the cultural minds of our employees. Together with many Indonesian based partners we encourage sustainable nature and live environments. Vifa Holiday insists on improving our direct environment by schooling our employees from English courses to advanced IT education. We are grateful for everyone’s effort and want to do something extra in return.

Reliable and Safety

Reliability and safety for our clients are our top priority. When we see a smaller private airline lacking in their professionalism we suggest other more safe and reliable travel options. That’s why it is important we always keep in close contact with everyone in the business to provide the best options to our clients.

Safety is also important to keep the image of traveling in Indonesia positive. We always make sure we provide the safest traveling routes.

English support and western management

Our company is trained in providing English speaking support for both written and spoken, as well as understanding the western culture and way of communication. Vifa Holiday works with a western management.


Airport handling

Being in this industry for over 10 years and having established a solid relationship with the airport and airline companies for over 8 years, Vifa Holiday provides excellent airport handling. Furthermore Vifa Holiday has people based at the majority of airports in case of an emergency.


Ticketing services

Vifa Holiday is the official partner for all domestic airline companies in Indonesia and has built a personal relationship with them.

Although the majority of airline companies do work with an online booking system, they don’t always accept foreign payment methods, like credit cards. Also in the more rural areas with smaller or private airline companies, they prefer bookings to go through domestic travel agents for the ease of payment methods on their end.


Flight monitoring

It is quite common for flight changes to happen in Indonesia. Especially last minutes are inconvenient for traveling guests. When a change happens it is not self-evident that the airline company contacts every passenger, especially when they need to talk in English or have to contact a foreign number. Therefore Vifa Holiday has designated a special in-house flight monitoring team to check all flights booked by us for any irregularities and provide immediate assistance when needed.


Complete travel support

When you let us handle the travel of your guests, we proud support the whole journey through. From the moment they they arrive in Indonesia until the moment they leave. Providing complete travel support where needed is our signature service.



We are specialized in arranging transfers for land, sea and air. Especially in case of an emergency it is wise to know what options are available and what the effect is on the whole journey and following connections.



It’s a necessity to arrange accommodation in Indonesia, whether it’s a transfer hotel or (dive) resort. Vifa Holiday DMC Indonesia has a long relationship established with a majority of the hotels and resorts in Indonesia, which we visit frequently for updated knowledge.



Vifa Holiday started with tours and transfers, specializing in tours throughout Sulawesi. We offer beautiful trips to the famous Tana Toraja and amazing visits to the oldest cave paintings in the world in Maros. The demand immediate raised and the tours expanded to areas all over Indonesia including Sumatra, Java, Bali, Lombok, Gili, Alor, Komodo, Maluku, West-Papua and Kalimantan. Diversity in specialized tours became available from city shopping trips in Jean Street in Bandung to beautiful 2 night boat trips on a Klotok to see Orang Utans in Kalimantan.

The tours are aimed directly at the domestic market or sold as wholesale to overseas travel agents. Vifa Holiday is not interested in selling tours directly to international guests.