There are several ways we can work together. First you have to determine if you want to handle the travel requests yourself or you simply forward our email to your client. The latter is obviously the easiest one for you. We have 2 ways to order a flight ticket; basic ticket or full service package.


Basic Package

  • All Access to all flights and airline companies
  • Fast response to options and availabilities

Full Service Package

  • 24/7  Service
  • All Access to all flights and airline companies
  • Fast response to options and availabilities
  • Monitoring flight tickets 7 and 4 days ahead
  • Immediate action in finding solutions
  • Full travel support from arrival until departure

Basic Service Package

The basic ticket is the simple one. Clients forward their request to us, we give those options and normal prices. The client decides what flight, we wait for payment, then we issue and send them the tickets. Here all service ends. We put the clients or your contact details in the booking and if the airline has a change of schedule and/or cancellation the airline will not go through us. We stay out of this. If problems arise the clients are on their own. Same like they would be when they issue through the internet.


Full Service Package

The full service package is Vifa Holiday’s signature service. Again we give flight options and once the client decided, we issue but put our phone nr in the booking. This means whenever there is a change we get the call and we make sure the client is informed. As this is Indonesia changes happen quite often and not always do airlines inform us. That’s why our developed monitoring staff checks each flight that is booked through us.


They check the schedule 1 week before departure and again 4 days, then 3 days, then 2 days and 1 day before departure. 24 hours before flight departure we always send an email to the client regardless the flight is still on schedule or changed. If flights are cancelled, again that happens mostly within 48 hours before departure, we come with alternatives.


This seems a bit overdone but experience taught us this is the best way to go. Once changes occur we inform the client and look for solutions in case connecting flights do not match anymore. We also give a 24/7 emergency phone nr. So if the guests are at an airport or wherever in Indonesia they can call us for help (English speaking). If, because of circumstances, new tickets need to be issued, or hotels/transfers booked we will do so and trust you to pay afterwards. When clients have problems they are often not able to pay direct. We also assist of course with refunds when airlines cancel flights. If luggage is lost we chase this until retrieved. In short, we stick to the clients until problems are solved. We do have people in most important airports so if there are real problems our guys can help out on the spot.

If you choose the option Full service package and you let all bookings go through us we will invoice you in IDR, USD or EURO’S, whatever you prefer.


Please contact us for an invoice and account sheet example. This shows you all invoices and payments in one Excel sheet. We will update this sheet on a monthly basis. Once we have our relation established credit facilities are possible.


Again, most resorts and liveaboards we work with choose the full service package and also upgrade the price to cover the time they invest in handling these travel arrangements.